Hey guys, I’m a greenhorn for this 'cause no one in my family’s ever done this to their car so I’ve got no clue. I’m finally gonna store my car for the winter and want/need to know what kinda things I need/should do to prep it for the long cold winter I’m expecting. So…on your mark! Get Set! POST!!!

  • Darron

oily rags in the air intake to prevent mice and stuff from climbing in there… mice WILL climb in your car, try to make sure its sealed really well from teh outside.

put your car up on stands so the mice cant climb in. LOL

well, ur battery will die if u don’t let it run every couple weeks.

yea it will, forgot bout that

tires could get flat spots if not moved also , fuel can go bad so run it out before you park it and when spring comes around make sure to chang fliud and plugs

You shouldn’t have any worries if you just start it once a week for about 5-10mins.

I have stored my Black 2002 ZX2 every winter. Its never been in the snow :stuck_out_tongue:
I usualy just put her up on jack stands and leave her set all winter. Never had a problem yet. Oh… a car cover is good to so she doesn’t get cold :wink:

Well…I don’t have 4 stands, and my jack is jank and I can’t get the front end on stands with it. I’m getting a cover eventually, but maybe not this year… I guess I could ask for one for C-mas…

Thanks for all the suggestions so far guys. Think of anything else, post it.

  • Darron

Just put your stock wheels on and then leave it sit. Just roll your car every once and awhile as not to get flat spots. You are selling me the rims foo so why not just use them till summer and then you dont have to worry about the flat spots.

I was thinking about it, and I don’t think I’m gonna worry about the rags. I don’t think mice will be an issue to begin with. But even if they are in the vicinity, the CTA and cone filter should keep them outta the intake side. I know I’ll miss 'er and will want to spend some time with her so I’ll run 'er for a li’l bit every now and again. And I’ll inch 'er forward/backward when I run 'er.

  • Darron