How could somebody do this, they completely ruined their S/R. I came acros it this morning because I was bored. Check it out at http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2000-For … dZViewItem

whoa shit, a shame really just a shame. Almost makes me wanna buy it and try and save her.

I’m soory, but that poor bloke deserved to have it taken away. May it find a resonably intelligent owner that will ween it back to gasoline consumption rather than rice consumption…

  • Darron

What a bastard.

another totaled S/R, http://www.onstarforum.com/zx2.html

Damn depressing thread.

Not that bad, it’s a feesable fix.

It’s just sad to see so many of those limited production lovelies trashed, y’know?


Shit man, somebody kill him…


You can’t put blame on that guy; he was rear-ended.

But it can be fixed. I had a similar accident where a guy rear-ended me and I still drive mine. Check out the link at the bottom of this post and you can see how that turned out.

did you look at both of the links, theres one of the guy that got rear ended, and there is one that a guy trashed.

what does S/R mean ive only had my 03 zx2 for about a month and i dont know much about it

Good god that car makes me wanna BARF. Yellow on blue? honestly…

S/R is debateable on what it stands for. Some say its Street/Race or Street/Rally or Street/Ready I think its for Street/Race. Its horrible that I dont know this b/c I have a S/R.

i’d buy it and fix it.

i got a ? when did the S/R come with 5 spoke wheels and not the daisy wheels or the 99 6 spoke

When someone decides to buy some '03 rims and use those.

And to answer turbo dude’s question a li’l more… The S/R is kinda like a Civic Si. Basically it’s a ZX2 that Ford themselves upgraded with things including but not limited to:

Iceman Intake
Eibach Springs and Tokico struts (tuned for each other) A.K.A. S/R Drop
Energy Suspension eurethane mounts all around
Different sway bar
Borla muffler system
B&M(?) Short Shifter
Daisy Rims

I think they came with a different (Blue?) Valve cover also. There were a very limited number of them produced.

  • Darron

Darron!!! You forgot the ECU!! The S/R also came with a better ECU program, which was programmed by Raytheon, for Ford. Either CWQ3, NGP0, or XHG3. All up HP by about 13, and up torque by about 10 lb/ft. CWQ3 is not legal in smog controlled states, the others are 50 state legal. CWQ3 is better in colder climates, due to the fact that it fluctuates fuel more, making it less consistent, but when things are just right, it’s the most powerful (16 hp). NGP0 is better for warmer climates, as it is consistent with the amount of fuel, meaning it makes the same HP no matter what the weather is, but it makes slightly less HP (13) than CWQ3. XHG3 is kinda the black sheep of the family. Just ask Yellow2000S/r.
Also, S/R’s came with a Rear Disk Brake setup that is HIGHLY sought after, and one of the most rewarding mods you can do to our cars. You can use the rear disk setup from a 2nd Gen Escort GT/ Tracer LTS, or from a 1990-1994 Mazda Protege LX…

That should be about it.