Why did I get banned?

Hey guys, I was banned from TeamZX2 last night. Does anyone know why?

I havent done anything wrong. Whats up with that? :roll:

BTW, it says ViT Viper did it. :shock: possible?

VitViper was banned. So no, its not possible. It seems that a lot of people get “banned by VitViper” though he has said he never banned them. So who knows. I’m sick of the teamzx2 drama over ther,e i’ll be staying over here. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

thanks. :slight_smile:

But I seriously dont think he could’ve done that. (weird) Anyways, Vit and I are on good terms. Unless he did it to be funny I guess?

Vit you are too smart for your own good!!! :lol:

I need to get back on, I’m waiting for a personal message with a tracking number from some stuff that I’m buying. :frowning:

Yeah I don’t think vit did that, he’s banned and his account was deleted.

am I the only one that banned?

With all the drama over there I’d assume not.

i got banned to i tryed to get it on and this came up
Sorry escort_zx2_99, you are banned from using this forum!

So I’m Not the only one banned! is this some kind of joke then?

doesnt xENo chat on here too? Maybe he can fix it?

i think he does

Maybe the reason was vitviper, did you use his name at any time?

last night I talked to him for a while when he posted as “JimmyButtHurts” and asked him if he didnt think that he’s taking it a little too far.

That was it though, nothing bashing xENO or the site or anything. No disrespect at all from my end to anyone. So…still, what happenend?

i agree w/ you derek but some of thetre drama is coming over hear now. This used to be a nice quite comunity until those guys down the street moved in.
and i had a fealing that jimmsbutthurts was him

-From TeamZX2.com-

If you were banned it's because you made a post cheering vit on in his tirade this morning. I gave out 2 day bans (ZX2Escort got a 3 day ban because I just unbanned him LAST NIGHT)

That will not be tolerated, and I will not accept ignorance as an excuse. If you think I’m playing games with this situation, you’ve got another thing coming. Most of you who were banned have already been warned in regards to vit’s situation. If you promote his antics, it’s likely you’ll get in trouble.

Vit: Yes, you can get around a ban. I’ve never denied it… I just said that as soon as you started posting you would get banned again… and that’s what I meant by keeping you off the site. Anyone can use a proxy, create a fake hotmail account, and re-register just to make stupid posts… so don’t be suprised that I’m not impressed.

And while I’m at it, I want to let you guys know that posting for vit, even constructively, is a blurry line and may get you in trouble. Vit was banned from the site, anyone who knows vit knows he was banned. Posting for him is a bad bad idea… even if it’s constructive.

If you can tell me you’re not going to continue doing so, I’ll end the ban early… There’s nothing else I can do to restrict you guys from posting in response to Vit aside from a ban.

Cheering him on, egging him on… they all counter the fact that vit is banned by encouraging him to post.


I would just prefer to keep this board clear of the drama… its a seperate board, many different people, its been clean for a long time. I’m not the owner, just a member, but its making me sick to my stomach seeing all the drama. I’m pretty much done with teamzx2 after this whole incident. Its rediculous. xENo telling people to shut up, vit getting banned, other people getting banned, people making a big deal out of it… I’m just sick of it.

PM xeno if you have a problem with him, but please leave the drama over there. This post for west z.

Please do not post at zx2ms.com asking why you got banned. Anymore posts along these lines will be deleted and if there is a continuing problem I will start deleting accounts and perma banning people.

So remember kids this is my neighborhood. If you don’t like it then get the hell out of dodge.

All I ask is to leave the drama at the door and if you want to know why get into contact with xENo via pm or IM. Or you could just read this one nice post he left.


Thats it for now. Thanks,

So we kick off a troublemaker… and you leave because I told someone to shut up? A troublemaker who was doing far more than telling someone to shut up?

xENo, I wast doing anything wrong IMO. Ive been a great member for years and I tried talking to Vit last night telling him that perhaps he’s taking it too far. That was it.

:geesh: my bad, sorry, or whatever. I dont think I should be banned for trying to get him to calm down. :?

xENo i’m not going to even get into it with you, not worth my time, not worth the trouble. I don’t even see what the point would be at this point… I’m leaving because of the drama, i was using that as an example. I’m going to leave it at that. I see more people missing vit than glad he’s gone, but that’s your choice, your problem and i’m sick of the drama on that board, therefore I’m leaving it. It isn’t because of one reason, but because of many. I used to think you were quite professional in regards to the way you handled things, but after the comment you made to something i remember to the effect of “get off his nuts and shut the fuck up” or something along those lines it kind of changed my opinion about you. But that’s just my opinion. That post appears to have been deleted.

I simply choose not to be there anymore, that is all and I’m leaving at that. I’m not going to try to argue with you. Just leave it be.

I’m sorry for posting this thread. I didnt know any way of getting in contact with xENo. Plus, I knew he could read it here if I asked whats up, you know?