Who's winning H stock with their zx2?

Is anyone winning or even competing with their zx2? I got last at my first event… Big surprise for a first timer, but only by like .5 seconds. With a good alignment, and some more experience i should be way more competitive, but was wondering if anyone out there already had some experience and was winning. Post up some good stories or something…

I’ve competed, but I didn’t do so well. It was wet and I had just bought the car. I had been autocrossing for about a year and a half beforehand in my Taurus, and always did acceptably. I’m anxious to get back into Autocrossing, but that’ll bew at least February of 2009… due to the fact that I’m am currently 3800 miles away from my car, and enlisted 'til Nov. 2008. The next chance I will have is still 2 1/2 years away. That sucks. I’ve done a lot to the suspension and brakes, and we’ve got plenty of power out of the box for an autocrosser. I expect to do damned well.

Hi there, i just went to my first event last week, but didnt race, im worried about my suspension, its just a base model. I dont know if there is a different suspension on the Sport type, if you could, would you check you my post, right above yours, I could use some help.

I forgot to mention this in my really long post in the thread you made, but there’s not really any difference between base and sport. You get a tip and other small visual upgrades to my knowledge, plus yes, there is an ECU it’s up under the dash/radio on the floor directly under your ashtray or cubby.

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First, thank you Pip for serving our country.

I have been autocrossing in G stock for about two and a half years with my Yellow S/R.

I started in June 2004, and ran Novice G stock, NGS, for the rest of the year. I did not miss an event of two of our local clubs. In one club, I finished 4th place novice for the Year End Trophy. The other club does not have YET’s for novice.

In 2005, I did not miss an event in those two clubs plus I made events with two other clubs. I used Falken RT215’s in the Tire class, TGS. I finished third in one club and fourth in another in their YET comp.

This year, I am running Kumho V710’s in open G stock. I have run event with six local clubs, two SCCA National Tour events and one ProSolo. As of now, I am in first place for the YET in one club and second place in another, but neither place is locked. I need to drive well in the last three event to keep those positions.

Sweet dude! Good job! Keep representing, and welcome to the forum.

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Holy crap 3 year old post?



I don’t have anything input because I only ran 2 events in my ZX2, didn’t place well in either (against people on R-Comps) and then a minivan helped me wreck my car.

H-Stock is pretty dominated by Neon, Civic’s and Mini’s and I’d imagine they’d have both a weight and power advantage over the ZX2.

Keep in mind the site was actually gone for a very long time. It was only recently brought back to life :slight_smile: by all means if you have autocross photos and events to share, post’em up!