whos in ny, not from teamzx2

Hey guys, i spend most of my time over to teamzx2 but i’ve been checking in here a bit more. I was wondering who here is from new york, that i don’t already know. Kyle, Chris, Rich… i know you guys haha, who else is from here?

I’m from albany county. I had a meet earlier this year and never thought to even post here about it. I’ll be having another next year, and i hope turnout will be bigger.

I aslo am from NY, Buffalo, NY.

I guess I’m the only oddball in this area, everyone else is around that Albany area.

Random_hero from teamzx2, kyle, in real life, is going to school in buffalo. He left two weeks ago. I know he’d be down to chill and have a mini meet, he was trying to see who else was from out there.

SnowboardinWNY is from out there also, but he is another teamzx2 member.

im about 2 hours from you. I think I originally said I was going to go to your meet but due to work I was unable to take the time off.

I’m over in Sullivan County.

I’m in orange county , and turboed…I actually just picked a used/brand new carbon fiber hood from someone off of teamzx2. I wanna meet up with the same guys I met up with in highland a year or so ago , see how everyone is doing.

We have to plan another meet! ERDT was supposed to plan one but it never happened this year that I know of. Gotta get Nick(mirroguardian) down here again!

We will have to plan a run through the mountains again!

Have to hold that off until summer. Getting cold! Snow tonight. :cry:

Why did you post in this thread. You’re obviously not from New york.

Sorry guys, I forgot to post my meet here. It was actually pretty good. Keep your eyes open for summer of 09, there will be another.