Who's gonna jump on the bandwagon with me?

That’s right, tis time to leave the superchargers and turbochargers alone, it’s time for LEAF BLOWER bolt on forced induction! (saw this on another forum on lambo-power and holy freaking crap this is hilarious! BUT IMPRESSIVE!

[url=http://videos.streetfire.net/Player.aspx?fileid=AB544E3B-5DFF-416D-9CFD-A1AD23CA9564&p=0]http://videos.streetfire.net/Player.asp ... CA9564&p=0[/url]

I just about peed laughing.

Not to be mean or anything, but, I just posted that in the Off Topic section under I cant believe I just saw that…!!! about 3 weeks ago.

wow really? sorry didn’t even notice, repost :frowning: I saw it on another forum a while back, thought i’d share it, but guess not, LOL! (last part edited by me because … nevermind)