Whoever invented drum brakes

should be brought into a back alley and beat with a sharp pointy stick.

that is all.

:lol: god i hate drum brakes.

lol! time for a disc conversion!

Drum brakes are easily, THE lamest thing to ever happen to cars.

Well, not easily. Its close between drums and autotragic transmissions…

and open differentials

and catalytic converters.


I love drum brakes. Just because there a little more difficult when used in the right environment there great I feel. Then again we had to learn the laws of brakes when at school on there pro’s and con’s. My Mustang has all drum brakes and don’t mind it. Now if drum brakes are done poorly watch out that can be nasty stuff right there.

I’m pretty sure Derek was complaining of the general structure of them more so than the functionality.

When it comes to easiness, disk brakes win always. Two bolts, two pins, and you can change the pads and rotors.

Ya I know he was. They can suck when frozen up