Who sells to best supercharger

I am looking around for parts for my Z and since I have alot of time to look I was thinking about a super charger. So wher is the best place to get one? I am planning on taking the head off any way so I might as well rebuild the whole thing and try to get 300hp. at lest that is my goal

There are no ZX2 Supercharger kits out there. Cheapest and easiest is turbo kits which are out there. Supercharger is 100% custom job.

well i think ive read a few places about people taking super chargers off of other cars, but i dont remember which cars, so if someone could recall i think it would help this gentleman

the fuckus opps i mean focus … an old head that lurked on the other site had one on his z never got it running i dont think but he had it all mounted and all kinds of fancy stuff

There are 2 Centrifugal SCs that I know of.
Focus Sport<–Where it sits, the Strut Tower might be in the way. No one has tried it so I don’t know.
Jackson Racing <–Needs a bit of moddifying
There is also a Vortec Supercharger out there for the Zx3 that could fit as well.

Two big problems. Clearence, you’ll need a hood with a bump in it, and the alt is in the way, you need to have a bracket for it.

i dunno about anyone else, but i think a bump in the hood would look cool…

specially when people finds out whats under it!!! BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!


You talking about the roots type? yeah, probably.

The way the focus sport one looks, you might not have a clearance problem from above. But might have one because of the strut tower.

There is a Vortech one for a Zx3, that shouldn’t have clearance problems either.

i was reading the post and checked out the sc’s the vortec one looks VERY PROMISING
two small issues the battery will have to be moved i think
also the powwer steering punp will have to be modded
and the price is it worth the 8 psi’s

Here’s some info to help you in your endeavor. I stopped working on this, cause I’m going N/A with a 10.5:1 compression head.

Project JRSC

Oh, and hood clearance shouldn’t be an issue, but a strut bar might get in the way.

If you want one, Lamar has done part of the custom job himself for ya already. UberZed is his username now. It’d be worth looking into at least.

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Check this Link

Yes, I know it’s on a SVT motor. But the physical dimensions are the same. But you would probably have to move the battery.

How about this SC from Focus Sport