Who knew....

That ice/snow in the parking lot of work could be so much fun. Where I work its a secure parking lot, and just so happen to work 3rd shift so no ones around. Well we got a mixture of snow and ice the other night and half the parking lot was frozen already. So I figured, why not have some fun, never see snow much let alone ice down here in Georgia. So heading to the end where I work, I decided, why not do some sliding. So yanked the e-brake and slid across the lot sideways. Most fun I’ve had in awhile. Needless to say I did it again before I parked the car except this time slid between 2 cars and around to park. Let the next morning and the marks where still there… it was great.

Just my random bit of fun lately, haven’t been around much, figured I’d update a little

Good to hear from ya man! :slight_smile: Yeah parking lots + zx2 = mass amounts of fun. I had a video up on youtube with mine for a while :slight_smile:

oversteering tail out is fun indeed… there are guys out here that get plastic milk crates and drop their car’s back tires into them and then drive around a parking lot whipping the back end out in all directions lol.

I wish I had someone to get some video of it but I was right near the other security shack so I’m sure that would’ve pissed 'em off. Not to mention I work up by the airport so camera stuff lately has been banned, but there’s always camera phone haha.

Really wanted to find a huge open parking lot that I could do it on and not have to work about anything being in the way, but ended up working over time the next morning cause everyone called in. So by the time I did get off people were out and some of the ice had melted some.

My buddy did that years ago with his Civic in a parking lot. I never did, but then again back then I wasn’t doing a whole lot of crazy stuff like now.