Which Way?

I saw on summit racing the borla back section is on sale. Should I go after that with my dad’s employee discount if possible or go after the borla kit for Trubendz?

I have a borla, and I personaly love it. Nice sound, far from a fart cannon, and with a few other mods the car sounds very mean.

Yeah I’m sure I’m gonna go after the borla exhaust, just do you think it would be cheaper though summit with the possible discount or though Trubendz because the one on summit racing says its only the “rear section” of the exhaust system.

It depends on your budget. What you will get from Summit is merely a muffler. What you get from Trubendz is a complete cat-back exhaust. I would say, if you can afford it, get the Trubendz. Unless you’re gonna boost in the future, get the 2.25" with resonator and Borla. If you’re gonna get a header eventually and have emissions testing, I think they have a hi-flow cat option that you might as well spring for now so you’re set later.

  • Darron

Yeah I priced it out even just getting the tubing kit from trubends it would just be cheaper to get the whole system from them. Of the systems on there which one would have a less “ricer” sound. Borla, Flowmaster, or Magnaflow?

Any. They’re all quality brands. What you really need to concern yourself with is making sure you get the resonator. Myself…I’m partial to Borla.

  • Darron

Theres a vid posted at some point in this thread

[url=http://forum.zx2ms.com/http://forum.zx2ms.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=13100#p13100]http://forum.zx2ms.com/http://forum.zx2 ... 100#p13100[/url]

…soory dude, but I didn’t see a vid in there…

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