Which intake is better?

Iceman, hotshot, or stock? P

n00b LOL

I like my Custom AEM Cold air intake. Any intake is good(including the keeman) as long as it has smooth transitions and a cold air source that is shielded from engine heat to prevent heat soak.

I unfortunetly have no heat shield and will be making one.

K&N reusable air filter FTW!

this really wasn’t a serious question. koi did this because i called dibs and he didn’t give me a chance to make it.

for the record, i have the K&N Typhoon intake. it does fine for me

I knew it was a joke, but i wanted to make my first post good one! Some noob might come in here and wonder what is wrong with the thread.

I was always under the opinion that someone should make a cold air shield / box that puts isolates the cold air into the fender well where other mods have just placed the filter. The Focus actually had something similiar, it was a complete replacement for the stock airbox and was made with thermal isolating materials (ie… insulation.)

Thats not a bad idea. I kinda broke the “no 90 degree bends” rule and added an elbow to my zxtuner intake that puts the filter in the fender. But I’ve been meaning to fashion a shield for it.

Hotshot, I’ve been putting out good numbers with it.

I don’t really think you need to bother with all of that. I’d just keep the stock airbox but cut and extend it into the fender well. That’s just me though, and it doesn’t look as good to some people.

I think it would look pimp under the hood if mounted and trimmed out to match the hood right. Then on the top of the hood, if you wanted you could add a few holes / scoops to put fresh air into the cold air box. I personally think it would look sweet if done right.

I saw some one who did a heat shield, It actually looked a little strange IMO. I’m not positive exactly how you’d want it to look, but I prefer the stock air box over what I saw.

To each his own. :smiley:

Anyone remember where that dyno shootout was for the intakes?

it used to be on zx2racing.com but that site is no longer working.

Damnit I knew i should have downloaded those dyno charts just in case! It’s sad how everything is slowly fading away on the knowledge.

We gotta get this stuff back LOL!

i know better intakes make better performance but do they make better fuel economy? :?:

yes. i saw a 2mpg increase just from mine