Which clutch?

Hi everybody! This is my first ever post on here and I really hope I’m not beating a dead horse :-\ I have looked around a bit on this site but I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. I have a 2000 ZX2 5 speed with 148,XXX in need of a new clutch. I’ve been looking around and there are a few brands I’m looking at. I’ve read some stuff on which clutches to stay away from but I’m wondering what would be the right clutch for me… I’m looking at the brands Exedy, Spec, and Centerforce. I’m not sure what most of the stuff means (not super car literate) such as sizes, stages, stuff like that. From the little that I’ve figured out a lot of that stuff depends on your driving style so…I’m not looking to hit the track anytime soon, just looking for something smooth, dependable, and pretty close to stock. The Centerforce I found says it doesn’t include the throwout bearing ??? and it doesn’t have Centerforce weights due to bellhousing clearance ??? Also anything else I should have replaced right away as long as they are in there?
Thanks for any replies/ opinions!

I’ve always just used a stock clutch on my Z. As far as the other brands out there, I have no idea whats still made for the ZX2 besides a OEM from Ford. I will try and look some stuff up tonight.

~ Chris

Thanks for the response Chris :slight_smile: Let me know what you find. I actually wasn’t able to find an oem Ford clutch in my online searches. Do you know off hand about how much you spent on your clutch? I’m assuming you bought it through a Ford dealership of some sort?

Yeah it was just through the dealer, just go to one and find the parts department. Ask them how much, and when they tell you the price ask them if they can do any better. Most of the time they are giving you the best price they can give, but sometimes they will lower it.

~ Chris

Alright, thanks Chris, maybe tomorrow I’ll call around and see how much they are looking for one. If it’s more than one of these aftermarket ones I may just go with that since I’ve heard good things about them. ;D