Where you at?

Where are my south of the border peeps? :smiley:

im in TIJUANA (sex, tequila & marijuana)

upps forgot to loge in !!

hehe :wink: Well post more if you want and don’t forget you can get a free gallery to host pics.

Tnx a lot man!, I’m from Mexico city “the city of hope” lol


I used to live on monument dr. san diego. Last road in cali to the mexican border. About a 10 minute run to tiajuana. Right now I work with alot of guys from around mexico city, including teluca, couple from wahaka (sp?) All into car customs, no zx2s yet though…

we have now a great group of ZX2 fanatics as U can see in our mexican ZX2 forum http://www.poweredbyzetec.com, even we have US special section

Sounds good to me thanks :wink: I’ll check it out.

i think ive been there befor lol

youre right roush!

Wassup another member from PoweredbyZetec is arriving.

Hello zx2ms i am from cd.victoria, tamaulipas, near to brownsville texas :wink:

Welcome to the Site!!!