Where to start?????

I have a 98 zx2 that won’t start. Here is what happened… I was driving and all of a sudden I lost power. Now when I turn the key the belts turn along with the timing belt. I am getting spark and I think I am getting fuel to the engine, but I am not sure. With all the belts and activity under the hood I am getting no fire. It does not even sound like it wants to try to start. Now here is where I need help… Where do I start? :?: :?: Help please…

Everything is moving but not firing?

Check the Spark Plugs, Coil pack and Plug Wires.

Does the cranking noise sound the same as if it ran before? If it sounds like it cranks way too fast you probably have a broken timing belt. Does it not make any cranking noises at all? Then you probably need to get someone to whack the starter as you try to start the car at the same time, if it starts up, then you need a starter. Be real quiet and turn the key from off to accessory and try to hear a pressurized sound coming from underneath your car, if you don’t, your fuel pump isn’t working. If you hear it and it wont stop making the noise, and your cooling fan is running, your computer is shot unless you have it chipped, if you do have it chipped, take out the chip and try to start it up again.

timing could have jumped. computer could have died. crank sensor could be bad. so many things it could be. pulll a plug wire --check for spark. if spark check fuel pressure. if no spark check coil. if spark and fuel pressure–check timing. somewhere to start.

This is the part I get confused by. So is it firing or not? You are going to have to be a little more specific when trying to diagnose a problem.

I bet it is not and that you lost power while driving. Now that I’m thinking about it, a loss of power would mean Coil Pack. So you were driving along and it seemed to lose power, you get home turn it of and now it won’t start. Betting a coil pack.

Wires and plugs don’t deteriorate that quickly. Computer would have simply caused havoc. Timing belt would have plain out stooped the car dead its tracks. Fuel pump could be possible problem, check for leaks if none. Do as Chillz said, turn on the accessories and the pump will turn on and you should hear the fuel pump.

I will start with those suggestions and keep you posted…

And to be a little more specific, when I said lost power I meant on the highway and had to be towed home. To remember it exactly, I heard a noise and then it kind of bogged down to a stop. I will check it out and let you know…

my guess would be the timing belt jumped time somehow

Check the timing belt around the cam gears for any teeth missing…if there are teeth missing it could have jumped timing. I had my timing belt strip teeth on the belt and then jump timing…then my head cracked all at the same time. :slight_smile: At least it didnt happen at seperate times.

Well, I could not figure it out myself so I had to take it to the mechanic…

He has narrowed it down to loss of compression in the engine. :? The timing belt is ok and it is still in time. :slight_smile:

I will update when I know what it is and if it is fixed :!:

This problem can only be fixed 2 ways…

Rebuild the motor or replace the motor. What should I do? :?: :?:

What would be the best type of motor to put in. Is any certain year better than another? I just want to put something in that is gonna last.

If anyone has suggestions I am all ears…

Thanks. :slight_smile:

i dont think thers any better Year but i would try to find one w/ the least miles on it

but you could try to get your hands on a 98 the intake mani is smoother and they have the schrader valve fuel rail and a nicer valve cover IMO

Man, I think I hit the jackpot. I went to a local junkyard and found a motor from a 1998 ZX2 that had only 2000 miles on it. I repeat 2000 miles. It looks perfect and is all internal parts move from what I checked. I will really know how it goes on Monday, that is when I am ripping out the old one and installing the new.

Hey RoushZX2, I would have to say that I have never seen a Roush ZX2 before. Is there anywhere on the web I can get a better look at it. From what I see it is pretty sweet.

Thanks for the advice. Is there anything I should add before putting in the engine or should I wait until I make sure it is ok?

i would still be interested to know what caused the loss of compression. the way you described it was “it all of a sudden lost power” did something break inside the engine–if so replacement is probably the best bet.

[url=http://media.ford.com/newsroom/release_display.cfm?release=434]http://media.ford.com/newsroom/release_ ... elease=434[/url]

mark wherever did you find that.

jodawago= I dont have the Roush Fusion ZX2 i got the name becayuse Jack Roush Signed my zx2 a few yrs ago so i got labled the third roushzx2 but not that my zx2 isnt heavly modded heres a link to the pics in the gallery http://www.zx2ms.com/gallery2/v/roushzx … =xe67a79be

Just thought I should let you know…

The new motor is in and it runs great, I also put in a new clutch kit. I had to replace the fuel pump too. Now the only thing in the my cars near future is an brake job. Other than that it is like new…

Now for the question, what should I do first…

Rims, or

I think first you should ask what do you want out of the car.

Dyno Queen?
Just looks?

Once you decide what you want to do, you plan much better.