Where is everyone?

Where is everyone? It seems to have gotten pretty quiet in here.

I’ve been busy as all hell. Plus my work for some screwed up reason wouldn’t load the site. The IT guys said something about questionable content, but what gets me is I could load teamzx2.com. :? Ah well. But I’m still here.

I really only come here when I’m at work, and we’ve been pretty busy lately.

Work and… World of Warcraft.

You play? What server?

Ive been around. Reading old posts, starting new ones, etc. You know the rap.

WoW huh? Ive wanted to try the game but havent had the time what with school and all.

It can suck you in… seriously. There was a point about a year ago where I was addicted.

Oh noes… not WoW again lol… been there done that… I cast you away evil doers!

HA! Sorry Chris, I have a plus 20 against admins. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve heard of people losing jobs and stuff like that over that game… LoL

I’ve been playing a lot of games lately, but not WoW. Okami, Suikoden 5, FFXII… All good games.

Just got Enchanted Arms myself…

But other then that I play Guildwars.

Ive beeb busy with the baby and some projects for Carlisle. And Ive been playing Call of Duty 2 a lot also.

been working 100 to 112 hour shifts at work. I feel like I could die… :frowning: But 64 hours of time and a half, and 10 hours double time in a week make for a great check (1800+)

I’m on Antonidas.

Hey I still come here on my lunch break :smiley: .

Sorry for the looooooooong leave of absence, Chris. I’m dealing with modding the Ducati, and it’s almost as bad as the ZX2.

I’ll try harder. :mrgreen:

went back home for a few days (love being back in the south)…normally I still get a chance to hop online while there, but the evil mac died…