Where do you stand?

It is finally Sumer-like.
I’m sure we all have our cars out.

Answer all these questions:

How is everything working?
What are the plans (mods) this summer?
Have you apart of any local teams?
Are you planning any trips?
Put in anything else you want.

Brought out the car and it works

Plans: Eibach Springs and Tokico
Carbon Fiber Hood and Wing

Just joined a local team called “Evolution Car Club”

Planning on going to PA for the May 4-6 meet.
Hoping there is going to be another NY meet
Then the Evolution Car Club Meet.

Also looking to update the links for the Parts, Pricing and Location page.
I know I haven’t been on it, fixing the bad links, but I promise to fix that all up for you guys. Because Hell, I need it too. LOL

Shes my DD (daily driver) so shes been out this whole time.

She is working fine although I think she is starting to get a little sluggish. One tire keeps losing air which
will be taken care of soon.

I have planned:

EGT rear Disks
New Paint
Sacchi Rims
98 Valve cover and 98 fuel rail

Im not part of any local team, I consider ZX2MS my team and family.

Planning on doing Carlisle trip June 1-3, Nuy Aug Park June 17th and maybe get involved in some autocross this summer.

Whats this about a PA meet?

Yea what’s this car meet in PA? I know of the Carlisle meet but thats in June.
As far as plans IDK for certian It’s hard w/ working weekends. I know I’m doing the show me and mark did last year in mid June and DRoptoberfest in Oct.

As far as plans the only thing I have going on is the paint.

GET THOSE EIBACH’S ASAP NICK. I think they are no longer being manufactured. As for me I got a CF hood to throw on, then all the other stuff I mentioned.

I threw my rims on a couple weeks ago…got some snow since then, but thankfully only traces. I need to replace my thermostat and the sensor (low temp?) soon. Now that it’s 60, it reads normal. lol Other than that, unfortunately nothing planned. Getting life insurance? LOL

  • Darron
Whats this about a PA meet?

Carlisle Performance & Style Meet
May 4-6 2007
Carlisle, PA Fairgrounds

I got the flyer in the mail just 2 days ago.
So I’m guessin there are 2 meets, one in May and one in June

If everyone is gong to the one in June, I’ll goto that one.

Massive amounts of people, seriously between us and ERDT theres going to be like 15-20 people… I think its the All-Ford Nationals June 1-3rd.

We’d love for you to join us!

http://www.erdtonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1195 http://www.carsatcarlisle.com/
      Well the zx2 is running alright and this summer i plan to buy new lowering springs and doing a lot of cleaning! <!-- s:-D -->:-D<!-- s:-D -->

      No special projects though : <!-- s:-( -->:-(<!-- s:-( --> too busy with work <!-- s:cry: -->:cry:<!-- s:cry: -->

The transmission is taking a dump on me, so my car runs like poo. But I’m getting that fixed.

Had the car mostly gutted to finish my custom interior, still working on that. Molding my Buddy Club rear to the rear bumper, then painting the whole thing since it’s all black right now. Ripped off the side molding and the Ford badge, need to fill all that up and re-paint the car. Painting my 98 valve cover and finally putting that on. That’s just for right now…

Plans before the year is out- Car re-painted white (it’s currently white with orange metal flake, with a blue hood and black rear bumper), CF hood, hopefully a CF trunk (but I doubt it), Buddy Club front cut in half and the bottom part molded to my stock 03 front, CF altezza middle reflector for the CF trunk (or a black trunk) and some bronze or black wheels. Then I’ll be done for now and happy. :smiley:

Left my car club back in Nebraska… Haven’t really met up with anyone in Texas. No major travel plans for this year, with all the work being done to my car. But I WILL (along with my whole car club) be at NOPI in Texas next year.

car doesn’t run…
My original project got nixxed…
block and head are still at the shop…
Buying a house so I probably wont be getting the car running in the near future… :cry:

i’ll probably do a rear disc swap. sct. and a big surprise for everyone.

Mine’s my daily driver, so my main thing all winter was to keep it clean, and in the garage as much as possible. This year, I’ve already replaced the carpet, built a new trunk floor and stereo setup, and rewired my entire sound system. Plans are to get the windows tinted, maybe a lip kit, and possibly enter a show or two. I really don’t plan thing for the car, they just come to mind, and happen. :slight_smile:

CF hood got installed, video blog to follow.

UDP, ODP, Eibach springs and new struts installed!

Well, I entered my first show last weekend, here in Halifax. About 60-odd cars there, and I won “Best Engine”, and took 2nd place for Domestic Sport Compact! I’m impressed, considering I wasn’t even going to enter at all!