where and how?

    Ok i wanted to blacken out my headlights and my tails but dont know where to get that nightshade stuff

Is there a specific place to get that stuff like Autozone or something…

Also is there any intructions on how to apply???

Thanks :smiley:

I can’t remember the name of the site…but there used to be a product called TCS (Total Car Styling) that’s micro-perferated vynal that you can spray paint any color then put on headlights, tailights, whatever. I had it on my car for a while and liked it, but evenutally took it off. Search around on Google to find it…I unfortunately don’t have time right this second to look for it. If you haven’t found it before I get back on here I’ll try again to look harder, maybe I’ll have more time then.

  • Darron
http://www.summitracing.com  You must lightly sand the taillights to make the paint stick , like 800 grit , I do not reccomend doing the headlights , it will only impair your vision .

Whatever he found there I wouldn’t recommend using at all. The product I was trying to find, and can’t find it again, was a vynal sticker. It was basically the stuff that is used on say 1/2ton pickups where they’ve got a big picture in the window, but can still see out. It ships to you white, but you can easily spray paint it any color you want (I chose black). Anything that’s an acutal paint I would NOT use.

  • Darron

I know someone here in Halifax, who actually spray tinted his taillights. I’ll try and find out what he used and where he got it. They turned out awesome!