When I get bored in Photoshop....

Well I figured I’d through some of these up. These are some things I’ve done in photoshop over time. I’ve got some more but can’t find them… go figure… Sorry for some of the large sizes

First up, a contest I entered for Scion, called “Skin A Scion” and whatever one they liked, they make that design and the winner got to choose a Scion they wanted.


This is one that I was trying out some new techniques I read up on with the fire in the background. XCustomz used to be a small car audio business we ran.


This is my latest creation, I made this for my now ex-g/f as something that I’d hoped would change her mind on things and we’d be back together…


The next few are some random creations I created for the crew I ride with. Ground Level customs. And some creations some of the members had me come up with. And this is also how I got my name… GrndLvls Brain



Then heres a rendering I did with Mater from Cars.
The first one is the original that I started from.


Then I created a rat rod version


And then this one is done up similar to my good buddies bagged Isuzu.


Then this is a combo between Photoshop and Illustrator I did. Truck and graphics were all drawn by me.


Another background I did. One for Mini Truckers.


And lastly, one I did with some photos I took from the Grand Fall Rod Run in Pigeon Forge last year.


nice quality photoshops man! that stuff looks great!

You make my Gimp skills(wannabe photoshop) look horrible hahhaha. Good job man you are creative which is good. That one with the g/f really shows that you cared about her if you took the time to do all of that. It says June of 2009 so it must of been recently sorry to hear that. Hope everything works out.

Thanks guys.

Yeah I made it in June, we weren’t together at the time when I finished it. Made it from old pics of us and then the writing is something I wrote for her when we first started dating, that I changed since we aren’t together right now. So I’m hoping for the best out of it all.

Anyone ever needs help with anything in photoshop, always happy to help out where I can