being the incompitent(spell check) female that i am… what size wheels come stock on a ZX2… i am planning on gettin new ones… and lowering my suspension… or even what is best… thankkks

depends, you can have either 14" wheels with hub caps or 15" swirlies. And your new wheels depend on what you want, speed stick with a lighter smaller wheel. looks, go with 17s

ah… and i dont have hubcaps lol

The typical wheel upgrade is a 17"x7" wheel with a 40mm offset. And typically the tire size coupled with that is a 205/40R17. (go to tirerack if you want to understand tire sizes better…or you can just look for that specific size if you don’t care :slight_smile: )

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Don’t go 205s, they don’t look good. I got 205s and there is a gap between the rim’s ridge and where the tire is suppose to contact the rim. Get 215s or 225s. Ok…guess I’m anal about it.

Could have been the brand tires you had. I’ve never noticed a gap with my Nitto Neo-Gens.

  • Darron

hmm…maybe. They are the first pair of high performance tires I’ve owned… The brand was Capitals though I can’t remember because exactly because I’ve put them away for the winter.

i have 205/40/17 kumho ecsta 711 tires on my rims and hate them. next tires i buy will be 215/40/17

Why do you hate them? How much did they cost?

Hey can you all explain to me what exactly the offset means? I’m looking at a set of wheels and they have a 42mm offset. will that work? They say they are for a ford escort. Thanks,

they wore incredibly fast and are uneven, i had them remounted and my alignmnet checked and the car still pulls to the right, put on my stock wheels for winter and no pulling at all. I also don’t like how the wheels stick out farther than the edge of the tire, so i will be getting 215s intead of 205s

http://www.wheelmax.com/product.asp?ProdId=9836 http://www.wheelmax.com/product.asp?ProdId=9837

See these both look the same so I’m wondering if they will work. Thanks again.

I believe offset is how far in the center of the wheel is in relation to the rim.

What Mark said.

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OK so if you say the wheel is 42mm offset and zx2’s need 40mm then I am assuming I would need a 2mm spacer to make it all right? Sorry I do not know much about wheels so I’m trying to figure all this out. You guys rule.

no, if you had 38mm offset you’d need 2mm difference…they only make 3mm, 5mm, and up spacers though. i have a set of 3mm spacers if anyone needs them…i got them because i got 42mm offset wheels and thought i’d need them. i’m sitting on 215/40R17’s just fine…plenty of strut clearance. i had to roll the fenders though.

Cool i would be getting 205/40/15s if i did get this set i was looking at. I got all this tax free money and it’s burning a hole in my pocket. How much would you want for those spacers? Thanks,

if you go any bigger then 205 you have to roll the fenders zx2’s have tiny wheel wells … im planning on some 16x7 with 205/50/16 with a 2 inch drop

i have 215 45 r17 i like the fitment on them

Hey yeah I cracked and bought those wheels along with some 205/40/17 tires. Yeah I got the installation kit that comes with spacers. It says if needed next to the kit and those will be needed so I’ll see. Hopefully they’ll be in england when I get back. I love free shipping especially to apo addresses. I’ll post pics once I get them on and back from this deployment. I think it’s going to look really good on my car. I feel all weird after spending 700 bucks on the package!