Wheel Bearing

How hard is it to replace the wheel bearing…i know it’s going out, and a shop also confirmed this. Some people i talked to said that it’s easy and others say you have to have a prof. do it. Anybody done it on the Z before? Let me know thanks

Take it to a shop unless you have a hydraulic press or an air compressor (not just a punny fill-up-my-basketball compressor)

The problem with wheel bearings going out on our cars is that we have bearings integrated with the wheel hub. You have to replace the ENTIRE thing. You would be well advised to find one off of a parts car. Make sure it is good. If it’s on the rear, then when you do your Rear Disk swap (hint HINT), it will no longer be a problem.

I know adding to this post comes WAY late after it was created, but, how did you know the bearings were going out? I’m hearing a creaking sound comming from the back of my car now. Granted I’ve added a 22mm sway bar, but its been on for almost 6 months now without an issue.

Darth did you grease the bushings on the 22mm??

front or back…

front or back...

That would be the back. There has been no offer for the front because it is unnecessary. If we were to bulk up the front, it would be counter productive to the back.

I think I did. My dad helped me, and he’s done that kinda mod before on other cars. I don’t think I greased them myself, but I’ll ask him.

Not true…

I changed my front bearings using a floor press like this:


and a vice. You’ll need various correctly sized pressing adapters, just steel cylinders of different diameter and such to be able to put the pressure where you need it.

Was it easy? No. Did it take forever? No, took about 5 hours working with a buddy and goofing off. Would I do it again, ehhh, probably not, but if you’re broke/cheap… or BORED… here’s how you waste some time…

We took the spindle assembly off, seperated the two races from the old bearing (just tear it apart… it is bad afterall). I used an angle grinder to carefully split the outter race into two pieces and it just fell off, the inner race has to be pressed off using a table top/floor press (only about $100 at harbor freight, neat tool to have)

When you got everything apart, just press the new bearing in. Just be sure to put no pressure on the inner race or you’ll ruin the thing in a hearbeat… and be back at square one.

Total price, about $50 not including equipment/tools. Walla.