Whats the deal about cams?..

ive been trying to do research on the right performance cam for me and it seems like hardly anybody has one. is there a problem with the performance cams or are the stock ones just simply better?

Actually they’re just hard to find.

ZXtuner.com has some though!

[url=http://zxtuner.com/category.sc;jsessionid=1CBDB06302A22180284E4BFA16740EED.qscstrfrnt04?categoryId=17]http://zxtuner.com/category.sc;jsession ... egoryId=17[/url]

Doing cam’s does take some mechanical knowledge to do it. If you feel super strong about your mechanical background then I would look into it. If not I would really stay away.

It’s not a simple bolt on, so it does take a little mechanical finesse to do the job right.

the reason you don’t see anyone really offering them is a) limited demand for cams on a ZX2, and b) there is no aftermarket source for exhaust cam blanks because of “a)”.