Whats the best "street " clutch kit available for the zx2.

Hi Guys and Gals. just picked up a 03 zx2, and the clutch is on the way out. Currently has 93K. Running a lighter flywheel is something i’m thinking about. I’m new to this car, and looking for any advice i can get. Thanks, Jeremy.

I have a centerforce and I like it, I don’t advise a light flywheel unless you want a hardcore tuner, it’s def. not for stop and go traffic

the centerforce dual friction is a real nice street clutch. i’ve put over 100k on one already and its still performing great, with easy modulation and transitional grip. very user friendly.


I have spec stage 2 and its worked flawlessly for me.

I recommend Spec clutches for any Ford product. I installed one in a customer’s '95 stage III Roush 'stang and he is a merciless driver.

Thanks for all the input. I think spec may be the one i go with. Any good websites for the complete kit?

i have a centerforce clutch and that thing works like a champ