What's going on with my car?

So every once in awhile when I am driving down the road my car starts to kinda stutter. I really can’t think of any other way to describe what it does. It’s not a constant thing, it only does it once in awhile. Could it be the coil pack again? Because we did end up putting in Darron’s old one. The check enging light isn’t coming on at all so I dunno… Any ideas guys?


is your car mannual or automatic

If it ends up being the coil pack I have another one off my older 02. I’ll send it to you free of charge, since its a stock part that I happen to have like 3 of from various… projects that I’ve undertook. :smiley:

It’s an ATX. I put my factory coil in there last year and it seemed to fix the problem. I wonder if there’s something wrong in the wiring or something that’s make them go out. It will occasionally kinda buck. Just for a second or two then it’s fine. It happened so fast that I wasn’t even able to try to accelerate out of it before it stopped. It’s inconsistant though.

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oh its a intermitent problem you got to love those do a resistance check across the primary and secondary circuits on the coil pack…

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I work days at work now so I am not able to get on the forums as much. Now I feel even more under paid!! lol.
Anywho, how would we do that check Jay?


mine did that exact same thing and it ended up being a plug wire–might want to check–in addition to the coil

Try swaping the wires off of Darron’s Z to check, we know that his is ok.

Better yet, have Darron re-seat the plug wires on your car. I ahve found that sometimes they Don’t like to set all the way onto the plugs. You need to push on them pretty firm till they ‘pop’ on.

ill send you the Ford service data on how to check you ignition coil…

Ah yea, thats a better first step, thanks Mark. I noticed that when I installed my new spark plug wires that the number 3 wire barely reached, and I though for a second it was in when it wasn’t.

I’ll double check her wires. We put the FR ones on her car too so I’m sure those are fine, but it could be user error, I’m not perfect everybody. :-o :smiley:

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your not perfect! damn i thought your were the next thing to God at least a third part of the trinity…


This can also be a first indication of a VCT problem.

Thanks for all the help guys. It seems to get really bad every once in awhile then its fine for awhile. I will have Darron check things out tomorrow if we have time. BTW you guys are fricken hilarious:) Hugs all around:)