Whats everyone driving these days?

Like the title states, what are you driving these days?

A jetta. :-[

I probably should have posted what I am daily driving now too haha

2014 Honda CR-Z. Its purple so I call it the egg plant.

Nice! I’m driving a 07 Mustang GT California Special and a 07 dodge Caliber SE .

thanks for fixing my account Chris! You still in Madison area?

I’m driving a 2013 F150 Crew Cab 4x4. Still have my 00 S/R sitting in the driveway…

I am out in San Francisco these days. Had my Shelby out here for a bit but I put it back in storage in Wisconsin.

Of course if you need someone to take that Shelby for a spin to get the oil’s moving, you can count on me :slight_smile:

HA! I’ll keep that in mind!

I think I am the only one that still has my z and was zx2ms car of the month. I have it framed in my computer room. Granted its 99 percent of the time in storage due to the weather.

Great to see both of you alive. Thought you moved on in life.

I still have my red 98! It rarely gets driven though. Basically sits in storage 99% of the time. :frowning:

Great to see your still alive! Are you still in the IT field? Plan on moving back to Wisconsin?

G35 as the daily (RWD ftw) and ZX2 when I get boost cravings.

Still working as a developer. Currently a Software Engineer in San Francisco. Probably wont be moving back to WI any time soon. Would be nice though.

Still Daily Driving my ZX2, its completely stock minus some audio equipment. Not too bad in snow to be 100% honest.

Mix of my 96 ford f150 (inline 6 soon to be stick) and 02 vw jetta tdi auto.

My DD is a Toreador Red 98 ZX2… My fleet at home currently is 2 -98 ZX2’s, 2-99 ZX2’s, 00 S/R, 2-01 ZX2’s, 92 Chevy K1500 and 18 Honda CR-V