What would you do?

Need some advise guys… As most of you know I bought a new Mustang GT last weekend. Here is my dilemma… Should I sell my 2002 ZX2?

Is the Zx2 paid off?

I would keep it incase gas prices sky rocket again.
You could use it as a winter car.
One car might be in the shop, have the other as a backup.
Weekend warrior at the Auto X track? maybe.
Worried about you Mustang being downtown and for smaller parking spaces, take the Zx2.
Road Trips and business trips, Zx2.
Cheaper replacement parts, insurance and cost of use, Zx2.
You get a married and don’t want the wife driving Mustang, hand her the keys to the Zx2.

So how couldn’t you afford getting rid of the Zx2?

Yes it is paid for.

Reason why I might sell it?

I own a 1998 ZX2
I own a 1984 Ranger
I don’t have a garage in Florida to store it. Unless I shell out another $100 a month for a garage. Its always been garaged before and I can tell the sun is getting to it already.

I mean I like the car… I want to finish it but at the same time I don’t know…

I would definitly get rid of at least one of the Zx2s. But it’s your call. I just thought I would remind you of all the things you would miss if you didn’t have it.

I agree with Mirror, one Z should be kept. I would keep the one that is in the best condition, or has the mods I like the most on it. Then clean up the other one and sell it, preferably to someone here. :smiley:

hhmm yeah I have no idea what to do right now. I have so many things I have to worry about right now I think I should wait till spring to actually do something about it. That way I don’t do something I will regret later on. I just needed some input. :mrgreen:

What I would do? Never sell it, but if I were you, I’d get rid of the automatic, though the Black one would get more money. As far as not having a garage, you could get a car cover.

I hate to agree with hiw but he’s right. CHris sell the red ATX and keep Lord Vader and get a car cover. The black ZX2 speaks You will bow to the DARK SIDE

return the red atx to stock and sell it. tHen if there any aftermarket parts on it sell them here to good members.

Yea, always sad when one car has to leave. My dad’s about to give my old 1990 T-Bird to a neighbor. The car is in HORRID condition, so thats different than your Zs, but I know that the neighbor restores cars and sells them. The thought of Tina running again with someone else driving her kinda gets me ticked what with all the work I put into her.

If you have two Zs, I’d sell one. No reason to have more than one really.

unless ones a S/R

Seeing as to how one is a '98 and one is an '02, there isn’t a reason to keep one.

Unless you want one for daily driving and one to mod… or one for autocross and one for show… or one for mileage and one for performance… or one to keep stock and one to mod… or any other number of countless possibilities that could potentially be unique to the owner for whatever reason him/her would have or for possible sentimental value.

I wish I woulda seen this when it first came out…I woulda taken the red one off your hands for the winter at least. Then I coulda left mine in the garage during the winter. :wink:

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