What to use on dash, tires, any other plastic/rubber.

TIRE WET!!! USE IT, i have been using it and i am extremely impressed with the lasting shine. I have gotten a few compliments about how clean it all is.

It dose look nice, till I drive on my dirt road :cry:. If any of you live in the country I wouldn’t use tire wet just a warning. But I do agree it looks very nice until I hit the dirt.

Agreed, it shines great, and yes its great till dust from dirt or stone gets on it. I also recomend using Tire Wets Interior spray. Its extremely shiny on my charcoal gray dash and door panels.

My opinion is to stay away from putting any of those shiny chemicals on any interior pieces. Also I dont like putting the wet tires stuff on either. Just a damp rag to whipe the surfaces off :smiley:

for my dash i just use the wet towel thing you can get at most car washes it gets the dirt off and leaves it clean but not shiny

I use the ArmorAll interior wipes for my interior. I actually don’t use any tire shine on my Nitto’s. It just makes them look more brown than usual, so I just clean them off and go with it.

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Always just used a rag for my dash and stuff and tire cleaner not a wet shine for the tires. Tire shine looks hella nice just not my thing I guess.

how about for the mudflaps, mirrors, etc.? I always tend to get wax on them and can’t get it off. Thanks.

I took my mudflaps off and cleaned them with Dawn dish liquid and a tooth brush and SOS pad and let them dry and sprayed them with black Krylon Fusion for plastic so they are glossy at all times.

That is a fantastic idea. As soon as I get back to england from this stupid deployment I think I will do that. I see you’re from york, pa. I have a buddy that goes to the college there. Do you go there by chance? Thanks again man.

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mequiar’s interior wipes for dash, zaino/mequiar’s detailer for painted pieces. Use a swiffer duster in between cleanings. you can also use detailer on the mirrors and mudflaps.

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callin out the thirty-sumpthins! damn I must be a geezer to you wippr-snappers 33 crazy years old godammit BTW use silicone spray for plastic& rubber parts, please it helps prolong vinyl life not too shiny, either- at my age I’m all about prolonging anything possible- sex and naps included haha:)