What the heck?

Chris? Derek? When did this old thing come back online?!?! Jeez it’s been YEARS.

Been back online since I took it over :slight_smile: Give or take 3 months or so…

welcome back, stick around, it’s only going to get better.

Will do, my man. I see almost everyone is here! Mark, Darrin, Chris, You. It’s almost like the old gang is back together. LOL! I was sad to hear about Marco (he was a good buddy to me on here).

yeah that was an unfortunate situation. Welcome back to the site bud!

no clue who you are but welcome.

I remember Pip. No clue what your real name is, but none the less, good to have people coming back.

Ah, who was Marco? And what happened?

I remember you!

Haha! Real name is Phillip, but is Pip to everyone but my family. I think I got out of the ZX2 scene right about the time you joined here.

Marco’s s/n was POLOLOUS. He was a really good dude, he just got caught up in a bad situation that was a little over his head, and he handled it the wrong way. It was the LSD group buy.

yes pololous is banned from here based on the LSD deal that happened. Do you know why he took the money and ran?

My understanding was that the expense in getting this in motion just got too much and took a huge chunk out of his personal expenses and the money ended up going towards getting himself partway out of the hole he dug himself into. Thats not verified though, so take it for what it is, hear-say. I had followed the thread on TeamZX2 for a while but after 20 pages or so I had to stop.

I also think the situation was a MAJOR communication failure on Marco’s part between him, Quaife and the ZX2 community as a whole. When things started to go south he should have communicated a little better through an ‘open door’ channel and explained what was going on and why there were delays. Instead he sent vague emails saying he was working on it, from what I remember.

Its unfortunate that our community has been wrecked by so many people that have tried to do good things, or represented ‘progress’, and in the end scammed us. It just makes us more and more cautious each time and harder and harder for ‘progress’ to occur.

thankfully the LSD is happening now :smiley:

Really? Like a true LSD for our cars?

yessir, mfactory is doing a group buy over on clubprotege, I’m in on it :sunglasses:

Lets just hope they stay true to there word and never screw you guys over.

Hmm… Pip. Thats familiar. I’ve either talked to you before or have found old posts of yours.

Welcome back to a place you were around before me. :stuck_out_tongue: