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Ok so ive had these custom mirrors for over 2 years now. Well i finally decided to paint them, and they are ready to go on. There are 3 wires. A blue wire, a white wire, and a black wire. The wire that feeds directly into the turn signal bulb has red and green wires. You can begin to see my dilema. If anyone could give me an idea of what wires i should splice, and where etc etc that would be awesome. For some strange reason my ford manual wont work :-/ Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Ok, there are Blue, White and Black coming from the car into the mirror.
I’m guessing those there matching wires on the mirror for the motor in the mirror?

And do you have 2 separate wires for turn signals on the mirrors, correct? One is Red (+) and the other is Green (-). I’m betting that the mirrors just need a signal to operate and the flashing mechanism is in the mirror. I would splice into the turn signals you already have. Match up Positive and Negative.

take those to wires and test them before installing by putting the red wire to positive and green to negative just to make sure they work and to see if the flash mechanism is inside the mirror. If it isn’t when it is hooked up, it may cause the flasher to act more quickly with all 3 flashers tied into the mechanism because the power draw would be higher.

Can someone else chime in on this subject because I’m just basing this on my electrical experience? There might be more too it if someone has a book.

ok let me clearify better, there are blue, white and black wires coming from the new mirror itself. As far as i kno, it does not have the ability to be electrically adjusted. I beleive the wires are strictly for the turn signal. The red and green wires are coming from the turn signal under the hood. I dont kno if this is the best place to splice or what, which is why i wanted some input.

Ok, I was under the impression that the mirrors were powered.

Well, Black is ground/negative.
White and Blue is a toss up as to what they are. White is most likely power.

Test the mirror using your battery. Black on Negative then touch White on Positive. It should light up. If is stays on, Blue might control the duration of the blink. In which case it’s time to find a manuel, because I’m no longer any help.

ok so i took the mirrors out to the car, put the black wire to negative, then the white to the positive. The light came on. THen i tried the blue on the positive. And the light came on again. This really sucks i just wish my ford manual would work1! :-X

Were there any papers with the mirrors?
With either wires, blue or white, did on blink?
Are these mirrors universal? Could have an extra wire for other models vehicles that require them.

One more test:
Take some aligator clips and attach them to one of your stock signals and the battery. If they don’t blink, then the mechisim is sone where in the car. Don’t worry, it’s better that way if it is because then you can just splice into on of the corner signal and you are done.

If they do blink on their own, IDK.

Best of luck until someone with a book posts a reply.

First off, I would like to respond (as I did in the lighting already…I read from the bottom up for some reason…) ZX2Fast is a freaking genius when it comes to the car’s wiring…that’s my opinion at least…so maybe he’ll chime in and help you out.

I know when I was hooking up my cobra eyes (LED washer nozzles) I noticed the three wires for the turn signals. I don’t remember what color is which 'cause it’s been many a year, but one is actually the high power and the other is low (that’s why your light doesn’t disappear when you have them on and are signaling). So the high voltage one will not be on all the time. You may need to just use a voltmeter to find out which is which.

Now there are three wires in your mirror as well. So I wonder if you could just wire in all of them to your three wires at the bulb. That however, would probably cause them to be on at ALL times, but flash when you’re turning. IMO, pretty cool.

See what happpens if you hold white and black to the appropriate terminals on your battery, then touch the blue to the positive. Then reverse it…hold blue ‘n’ black, touch white. See what happens and if it’d be a desireable outcome for you. Also see if you can’t tell if one wire (white or blue) appears to be brighter than the other. If so, wire accordingly.

At this time I’d like to direct you to my signiture. :slight_smile: At least the above has a li’l bit of experience behind it…

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Totally forgot about when you turn your driving lights on. You are probably right, one of the wires proably ties into the switch and the other controls the flashing. Good Call!

HAHAH i think we all came to the same realization at the exact same time!! Well ive got the mirrors on, and they are working beautifully. Both of you were right, one wire was for the constant, the other for the blinking. Before i put anything on etc, i took the wires and fooled hooking to each color. The first time, the light stayed constant and didnt blink at all. When i switched them around, the blinkers on the mirrors stay off, but when i put the blinker on they work beautifully!!! So there is no low for the mirrors, they just blink with the blinker. And whats cooler, is that the mirrors blink with the inner turn signals, not the outer ones, so it makes for a cool effect when blinking. I will post some pics later tonight when you can see the lights better. Thanks for you input guys.

My realization was a little ahead of the curve though, because I just saw the post this morning. :wink: Anyway, good to hear you got it up ‘n’ running properly. Can’t wait to see 'em. OH! Try to get some day shots too so we can see that aspect too. :slight_smile:

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Let me know what you guys think!!







CRIKEY! THat’s pretty sweet! And all the do is blink…Mmmm…too bad I can’t keep blowing money on car parts. lol Oh well. Come Friday everything will be better. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Where did you get the mirrors from?

The mirrors i won off of eBay. They are custom made, but from the looks of the mirrors themselves, i could do a better job with them. Now that i have the old mirrors off, i think i might take on the job of creating my own custom mirrors with a different style. The only thing i am unsure about is what substance i would use to fuse the stock base with the mirrors. If done right, and with patience, it would be a sweet project for anyone to do.

Those are sooooooo---- SWEET!! Where did you get them? Darron and I are both gonna have to try to invest in those someday:) Those look so wicked :twisted:


Yea I wanna know too. They look sweet.

those are cool