What song is in your head?

For the life of me today I could not get this song out of my head. Yes I was seeing to it. Imagine that.


LOL. Are you serious? I could see you riding around in that with your new car. Gosh that would be funny. Living in the 80’s

yeah, it’s definitely something i would do :lol:

Been there done that with Cars…

I gotta post this as my A**hole co-workers keep messing with each other and putting this song in my head:


LOL good old Dolly. Wow I wasn’t expecting to see that.

lol, I dont expect it either but everyday I go into work Sean and Tim keep messing with each other putting songs into each others head. This is the one that gets thrown around the most.

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good song right there

I actually have this on a CD in my car


I havent heard the zx2 song in a long time! but I too have it on a CD! LOL!


oh god corby. I bet that song wasn’t even out when you were born hahahha

Great, im not going to be able to sleep now. Ive got girls just want to have fun stuck in my head now…


oh god not U2 LOL…I heard that song and I did a faceplam(not saying there a bad band)


^^Playing right now :wink:

so urgent, urgent, urgent!!! Hear it on the radio like 10 times a day.

NSFW or Homes with small children


This ones been in my head the past few days. Really good one if you ask me.