What have you been up to?

So as the topic states whats new and what have you been up to?

Me… I have been working at Disney like a mad man the past couple months. Thats about all really. Nothing new but I am getting closer to releasing the new version of zx2ms.com.

I’ve been cutting up tree limbs that have fallen in my yard from that past storm. Also looking for a winter car and a new job.

i think i broke my foot in auto class

Just been trying to keep up on things, mostly getting ready to graduate Cal State Long Beach. Plus debating if I’m gonna get an MTX from Jayco. Not too sold on it yet though.

I’ve been looking for my birth certificate, because I need to get a photo I.D. Other than that I’ve been jumping from forum to forum. Going out with my girl, hanging with my friends(mainly just babysitting their children), doing some things around my parents house, and gaining a little weight. I have to start a drug rehabilitation thing next week(it’s kinda like AA/NA except they really don’t care, and it’s gonna cost me $60 a week totaling $720… someone told me it was like brainwashing.), that should be entertaining for me at least.

working, prepping for final in one class, studying for quizzes in my other class, getting no sleep with new baby in the house, and getting parts together for new projects on the Z.

working on news and interviews for the site

WAHAHA!!! I hit another skunk… (from the other night, NOT a 3rd one…)

Going nuts here, parts are on back order, nothing going right ready to shoot everyone, other than that my life is uneventful…

We just paid off all of our credit cards except the furniture one:) Fixing up the house, training myself on excel and power point so that I can find a better paying job. Very much enjoying married life:)


Oh yeah i forgot my divorce lol…

Miranda, do you need any excel or powerpoint manuals to help you? ill send them to you for just shipping.

Im waiting to hear back from kjcdesignz on teamZX2 about purchasing his ZX2…

If all goes well, I wont be using the body from Jayco and just turboing this car by next summer.

Pic of car…


looks good

I’m in England and I’ve been playing video games all weekend!! LoL

Thanks for the offer Mark, but Darron’s brother just let me borrow some books. He teaches computer classes. If I discover I need something I will totally let you know. Now I just need to make time to read through them, lol.