what happens....

if i install an aftermarket amp, for example that is only 1 channel will my kickpanel speakers and my 6x8’s will stop working??? :slight_smile:

im going to try to answer this, although im not exactly sure of where your putting the amp in.

If the amp is for a woofer then no you will not loose your speakers when wired correctly. Since it is a 1 channel amp im assuming this is the scenario your looking at.

A one channel AMP means that the signal coming out is Monotone. But because it comes out as monotone doesn’t mean you can only have 1 speaker. In fact, you can hook up as many speakers as you want as long as there is enough power to power them all. But it will only be monotone.

yes i am trying to hook up a sub and need to hook up the amp but ran into a little problem…seems there is no RCA adapter thingys to hook up the amp…solutions??? :oops:

low-level (inline) converters are usually the way to go. this converts the signal into RCA. you can get them at walmart for about $15.

ok thanks :mrgreen: