what happened to zxtuner?

Ive been trying for like 3 weeks to get in touch with someone there to no avail. you would figure if someone was wanting to buy over a grand of things from your store you would reply to him or answer the phone. Are they closed down or something what gives?

i havent heard any word as to weather or not they are shut down however I doubt that they are. Keep in mind ZXtuner is a one man operation and historically they are known for not being able to handle every single call that comes in. Keep trying, you’ll get them.

I had to email him 3 times in 1 week to get him to reply

correction, ZXtuner is two men. Rob the owner, and he has an assistant, who name escapes me rite know. However Rob is acually running two seprite companies. Last time I seen him he was a buissy man.

For What Its Worth,

he wouldnt close right now anyways not now that the black out headlights finally are out to buy

He is not closed, he just takes a long time to do things. He takes way too much work onto himself. It always takes a long time to get stuff.