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so im finally going to go pick up my v6 motor in north carolina… should be a fun 16 hour round trip… im just wondeirng im pick up the motor, trans, ecu, shifter linkage, and maybe the whole wiring harness and gauge cluster… is there anything else i should get off the car when im down there… the owner already told me thati can pretty much have a free for all on its punk ass

You might want to look to see if the Axles are different. Because it is a bigger engine, the axles might be shorter one one side or both. The teeth might also be diffrent on the axles, so I would check that too. If they are different, you might want the hub to the front wheels or atleast where it connects.

So I was on my thinking chair reading a mag when I thought of this one: are the fuel pumps the same? You might want to check that out too. The Zx2 pump might be the same, but it’s worth researching if you are going to be spending 16 hours in a car, round trip.

Anyone else? Perhaps I forgot something?

Might consider the entire cradle


I agree i would check the axels. that would probably be the biggest time saver.

Do you mean motor mountings?

YO, hksZX2, GET the motor mounts!!! It will make it so much easier. I kno u have my # so just give me a call and providing im off and dont have anything planned, Ill come down and help.

Can’t wait to hear how this project turns out. You are gonna have one FAST little car on your hands.

i have a mustang gt fuel pump and injectors just laying around right next to a gt throttle body i got for free ( my friend needed the throttle position sensor for his conquest off a 96 mustang so we grabbed the whole set up ) and axles if the shofts have differnt splines im going to have custom ones made with zx2 splines on the hub side and countor splines on the drive train side but i hope they line up so i dont have to and darth worse comes to worse … i cna always grab another 4 banger cheap ( yellows/r knows what im talking about) and turbo the piss out of it seeing as how i have an abundance of mitsu turbo parts

Yea I do, speaking of that, I have to hit that place up coming here soon, got an Idea, but dont wanna mess up my stuff that came in car.

The newest thing I made…



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At least I know where to go to when I want to buy some turbo parts! Man, you have things lying around for cars like I have things lying around for computers.

haha my buddy has 3 conquests … and enough parts to build another 3

so i managed to get the whole subframe, every wiring harness, motor mounts and ecu and of course the motor… all i need is a trans off a focs( i think i have one if i need it ) and im good to start swappin

Sweet man!


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