What does everybody pay for insurance?

I noticed my car’s VIN does not match the VIN my insurance company gave me on the paper for the car. I went back and looked at the last 5 of them and the VIN is all incorrect on everyone. Maybe, that incorrect VIN matches a faster car? haha What’s everyone throwing out for their car?

I’m paying about $100 a month through statefarm. Clean record, 22. Full coverage.


I’m a 21 year old dude, and my record is PERFECT. I have good insurance, but I still have no idea why I pay so much. I checked through Statefarm, and it was about the same price.

about 123 a month… but im under a parents policy… and i got in an accident though.

i don’t even know. of course i’m not even the driver on the zx2, my parents have me on an old Chevy truck that my dad drives to work. and my insurance doesn’t even care

state farm FTW

we had state farm (my family) but geico is a hell of a lot cheaper they said.
but you should see what geico is doing to their employees cars… painting them. haha

105 dollars a month, parents policy… 18.

Just got my first ticket a few days ago though… after two years of driving. It’s a BS ticket too… I’m angry. Hopefully I get it knocked down to a non moving and my insurance stays the same, ya digg? Lol

$43 a Month :stuck_out_tongue: State Farm FTW!

Chris, WHAT? How do you manage that???

80 dollars. Thats with comp and everything on the 04 mazda 6 and liabilty on the 2001 z


114.16 / Month through Esurance. 26 Male with one accident, a vandalism and a few tickets (i think the statue of limitations is over on all of them though…)

$135/month geico for me and my wife and both our cars. I’m 23 clean record and shes 24 with one accident

2002 ZX2 = $14 a month ftw! Owning multiple cars help. $7 a month on my 1988 Pony Escort, $160 a month full coverage on my 2005 Escape. I go through Progressive, I get multi-car discount, home-owner discount, clean record discount, loyalty discount.

dont take offense to this, its direct at progressive… the loyalty discount is bs. I was with them for over 7 years and they never once gave me a loyalty discount even though I asked everytime my renewal came up.

I’m still getting a great deal. State Farm sucks, I got hit by 2 people with State Farm and it took 8 months till I got a check from them. Not only that I only got 80% of the value because by law any accident is 20% my fault which is bs.

Haven’t been in here for like… 11 years… lol. Keeping it on topic though, I have been really happy with MetroMile. If you haven’t heard of them, they charge per mile with a cheap monthly base rate. Basically you plug in an OBDII dongle but they only use it for satellite tracking, it will also tell you engine codes if you get any. I pay about $130 a month for full coverage on a 2018 TRD Sequoia and 2016 Fiesta ST… COMBINED. They also limit the maximum daily mileage charge to 150 miles just incase you want to go on a vacation, so you only pay up to 150 miles that day and it resets the following day. I have had them for 3 years now and it blows all the other insurance companies away.

49 a month full coverage with aftermarket part coverage and track day coverage.
Limited to miles a year and car gets inspected via insurance agent.
Progressive with midwest financial.

My auto insurance for both cars (a 2002 Ford ZX2, and a 2004 Buick Lesabre) both Full coverage - $60.00/month with AAA (I’ll be 55 in December). I’ve never paid more than $70/month for car insurance. Before adding the Buick I was paying $50/month for Just the ZX2 with State Farm for the same coverage.