What do you guyz think?

OK heres what I have so far:

  1. Set of web “high-torque” cams
  2. Machined cylinder head
  3. ford racing valves
  4. esslinger springs
  5. Custom built intake manifold
  6. Ford racing 24lb injectors
  7. One of powders Ud pullys
  8. Shorty header
  9. Voltage stabilizer
  10. Front slotted/drilled disks with ceramic pads
  11. Rear disk conversion.

Want list…

  1. Steel braided lines
  2. some form of chip or tuning
  3. lightened flywheel
  4. full poly bushing set
  5. zxtuner rear sway bar 22mm adjustable
  6. spring/strut set

am I missing anything?!

You’ve done all those internals and haven’t touched your suspension!? GET ON THOSE STRUTS and SPRINGS!

haha no not quite, I have all that stuff sittin in my living room. None of it has been installed yet, so dont panic im not going to experience lift off at 130 or anything im waiting untill I have everything first, then do it all at once. What else do ya’ll recommend?

What size valves, Intake and Exhaust, respectfully? 33mm In and 30mm Out?

Exhaust goes all the back? Header, Cat, Muffler and then Out?

You got Performance tires
Bigger Axles
Stronger Transmission
Cam Gears?
Turbo or Supercharger

Tell me more about you replacement of the 24# Injectors.

I don’t see the ES Bushing kit in there :wink:
Don’t forget a B&M or TWM shifter… stabilizer bushings…

I forgot!! I do have a short throw! and the bushing kit for it is on its way.
Onto the other stuff, I have not touched the transmission, at this rate I doubt very serious that I will exceed the 5spds torque capabilities, the valve sizes are stock :cry: however they have a 5 angle cut on them and are swirle polished so lost a little bit of opportunity there but such as life I didnt have that much to spend on valves at the time. I do not have a full exhaust yet! here shortly I will have one made. I dont have any adjustable cam gears, yet, however I was going to try and keep the vct, might work might not. I am currently running nology hotwires with E3 plugs, on a standard coil, but if I decide to go with a piggy back style engine controll system ill just go that direction also with the ignition.

As for the 24lb injectors, currently I would not recommend going with 24’s unless you changed around something big inside the engine. at first I had 19lbs installed off of a 5.0 explorer, they shot the injector dutycycle to -17%, if you put the 24lb injectors in a stock engine you may lose power because the computer has to pull fuel trims so far back, if it was even able to correct them that much, im not sure. the 19’s did help a lot uptop they seemed to remove the “dragging” feeling from the powercurve, as for fitment the 19’s and the 24’s had a little plastic ring around the bottom of them that must be removed to fit into the ztec manifold, no biggy just pop them off and its a drop in!
I do have performance tires for the car, they are 195-50-r15’s, remember for every inch you take off of tire diameter you add a full poin to the final drive! lol only took off about 3 mph but it did make a noticeable different in acceleration.
PS im still working on the ram intake so dont give up yet

Well, no sense in doing all your springs and struts if you aren’t doing the bushings :slight_smile:

I will do the bushings, thats what I ment when I put “full poly bushing set” in the first post

didn’t see that, sorry

lol thats un acceptable!! lol j/k
seriously tho I was thinking of maybing going with the megasqurit and megajolt stand alone systems or maybe just having pcm tuned, I cant figure out witch one to go with, what do you all think?