What am i a boozehound? :P HAH! Post your fav drinks!

Since my birthday I’ve tried red wine, white wine, sake, beer, ale, hard liquor, mixed drinks up and down the WALL its been only 1 month! HAH!

So lets start a thread here… post your favorite drinks, top 5.

  1. Momokawa pearl - served HOT!

milky, sharp, flavorful coconut taste, 19.7% alcohol, burns on the way down, DAMN GOOD STUFF! Not too dry, not nasty, wonderful taste. Great with a good sushi dish or salmon and a japanese dish. Best sake i have had yet.

  1. Momokawa diamond - served COLD

sweeter taste, little bit of a mineral water hint, 14.5% alcohol, still strong, still sharp, not as much of an alcoholic feel as the pearl but much sweeter and very good with sushi and a rice dish, goes great with something that has seaweed (which is why sushi is perfect to go with it with a good dish as well).

  1. Dead guy ale (Rogue brewery) - Served cold as you can get it

I prefer to chill it in the fridge, pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes and then serve it, chill it in the freezer too long and it’ll explode (haven’t exploded a dead guy ale, but did it a few times to canned beer), but anyway… get it cold, serve it with as little head as possible, using a good coaster a full bottle will give you a good 3 or 4 glasses of it. Nice smooth taste, nice hoppy feel to it, but not really all that bitter, very smooth, silky, nice taste. Its awesome.

  1. Blonde Bombshell (cascade lake brewery in oregon) - Light beer, very very fresh (especially on tap), good taste, most light beers taste like water, this has a really nice smooth taste, definitely tastes like a full tasting beer, just without the crazy insane amount of hops that most beers have. Light, refreshing, and I could slurp down the pints they serve at the brewery all day, good stuff!

  2. Red Stripe - Just cold…

Pretty good, not too thick, not too thin, just right, a bit bitter, nice aftertaste, good stuff. Can’t say much else.

My personal favorite:

Unnamed - Southern Comfort, Coke, Lime. Basically a SoCo and Lime shot mixed in coke. Really good if you like Lime!

Dr. Pepper Shot - A shot of amareto(either that or 151, I cant remember) dropped into a full beer stine.

Country Time Mountain Lemonade - Country Time Lemonade ( I usually use Shoprite’s Scrunchie mix), Lemon flavored Vodka and (insert drum role here…) MOUNTAIN DEW!!! Awesome drink!!!

Miller lite or Bud lite are my beer flavors.

southern comfort and coke or w/e is around to mix it with
after shock- tastes like big red
vodka usally mixe with coke …but its better mixed with a cofe colata {sp} from dunkin donuts
twisted tea

i forgot about americas oldest beer. Yuengling!!

There is a drink here that is called a “street light.” I haven’t had one myself yet because I have seen its effects. 3 different density liquors poured into a tall shot glass. The weight of each liquor separates them into Red on top, Yellow in the middle and Green on the bottom. Only few can create the drink, most just line up 3 shot glasses, because they don’t want to take the time to learn it. Man you get screwed up after one of those.

Zambooka white and black. Both are very good, but each has a different taste to them.

I love beer: Labbatts Blue (it’s Canadian). $10.95 for an 18 pack of bottles and sometimes you get a 30 pack for the same price. In my area of the country it’s not considered an Import Beer unless you go to a chain restaurant like Friday’s or Applebee’s. What a bunch of duchbags.

#3. Gimlet, which is three parts gin, two lime juice (or lemon depending on how much you like sour stuff) and one part simple syrup.

#2. Bass ale. I’m a sucker for dark drafts, and this one takes the cake. Though it was Melinda that got me into them.

#1. White Russian, mainly because it has a chocolaty feel to it, but still has a good kick. I like my drinks to give me SOME indication how hammered I’m getting. Though if there is ever a get together I’d try one of those street lights just to hear about what happend afterwards. :smiley:

when i used to drink it was straight whiskey–didn’t matter what kind

1 car bomb== 1/2 glass of guiness shot of Jameson’s whishy dept charge style
2 long island ice tea

I don’t drink (never even had a sip :mrgreen: ), but If I did, it’d be an Irish Car Bomb. )Shot of Baileys, Shot of Jameson, Bottle of Guiness.)

But I won’t. LOL.

All booze I’ve tried tasted like I imagine @$$ would taste like. Corona Extra and Smirnoff Green Apple.

I had to say something in here. And yes, I tried the Corona with and without lime.

  • Darron

I don’t drink anymore, I used too. I quit because I got bored with it and I can think of better things to spend money on. Working at a club will do that to you I guess. Anywho I used to enjoy amarido sours. I didn’t really like much else. I always thought any kind of beer tasted like poo.


People drink beer for one reason… its cheap.

Amaretto Sours are awesome. Try it with DiSorono, the top shelf amaretto!

hey i like beer. yueinling (sp) lager is great but its only a PA. beer It’s America’s oldest brewery

Red Dawg
Mad dog 20/20
Boone’s farm Strawberry Hill

Mountain dew

Actually I don’t like any of these alcoholic beverages, but I have drank all of them

Yuengling is in NY too!

We’ve got Yuengling in 'Bama as well.