What a KICK ASS week!

So my website has been entirely redone… deleted the old crap, kept the old forum for the old members but no one ever visited the site (quite literally it was dead).

Everything is REDONE.

At first I thought “Wow this is going to pick up SLOWLY.” but someone brainstormed with me and sat me down and said “Okay what do you want this to do and where do you want it to go?” so we sat down and made plans. I contacted a local guy who owns a performance shop and tunes bikes, sells aftermarket parts as well as does dyno runs and dyno engine break-in for bikes. The guy is a local legend on the track and is insane on a motorcycle in general, very intelligent guy and really knows his stuff.

I call him up today after dropping him a pm on a local site and said pretty much “Hey, i have this group, we’re starting, we want publicity and i want to make it a situation where its good for you and us.” so we talked and we’re in the process of doing the following:

  • Local meets like sunday night runs
  • Local bike shows (whether its mixed like cruisers and sport bikes or specific)
  • Dyno run nights
  • Group buys
  • Group discounts

I told the forum and sent out a newsletter and our riding group is STOKED, word of mouth is on FIRE and i’ve been getting a ton of emails and he’s been spreading word as have I. So far so good :slight_smile: This couldn’t be turning out better.

ALSO in other news I bought Katie’s wedding ring! Picked her out this gorgeous 1/2 carrot ring for the main stone along with a band that goes along the side that is a quarter carrot with another 1/2 carrot in weight of diamonds threading the band. I explained to her how it was designed and she FREAKED (no she hasn’t seen it yet), but the good news is we are getting married EARLY… the 8th! We’re holding the ceremony (official ceremony) as scheduled for next year but due to wanting to get a house sooner than later because of the market over here along with insurance purposes to get her on my insurance, taxes, and investment purposes we figured we’d start earlier than later. In the mean time the celebrational standard on schedule wedding will be as planned.

I’m STOKED! Nicest thing is I only had to buy her ring at her cost (she works at a jewelry store now as one of the head sales people there… so she didn’t see it, but i got her price and it was a hell of a steal!)

Also in other news the local guy helping me with this stuff has found about 15 different fork spring variations for my bike to tune for the track.

MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MOTHAF*CKAS! Ok i don’t know why i said that but i felt it bottled up inside of me.

But seriously i want to laugh like a mad scientist right now.

Derek! Thats awesome man! Glad things are going well for you! Congrats on the engagment (at least the official engagement, you know… the ring! lol!)

I really have to get out there and go riding with you!

Awesome dude!!

  • Darron

awsome dude glad to hear evrthings on the up and rising to new hights

Congrats Derek!! Glad to hear that everything is flowing well for ya:)


general glee


ill have to check out your site