What a fish can do.

AS some of you know I have a good sized South African Albino Ciclid. (pirana w/ attitude) WE’ll he tried to burn down the house. Yes!! I said burn the house. He broke his heater the other day and i havent been able to get a new 2500 watt heayter so I put a older 1000 watt heater just to keep the water from getting too cold. Last night he knocked the heater out of the tank onto the floor burning a hole in the hardwood floor. Almost to the paper barrier underneath. If that burnt the whole thing would just burn like a match.
THe best i could guess he was a bit mad that the heater only heated a small area around the unit itself.

You should get one of those piezoelectric grill lighters and zap the water. That’ll teach him. :evil:

Oh, and I’m glad you still have a house. LOL :mrgreen:

I’m not familiar with said lighter…but I fully agree with the second part.

  • Darron


your logic is incorrect, it’s not that he doesn’t like the heater, he just wants you to stick your hand in the water so he can take a quick snack. By the way I have a quick question…um… and why do you have a Parana? Why not a nice cuddly animal like a barracuda, now that’s a nice pet.

its not a pirana I was just saying that ciclid’s are like pirana w/ a bad attitude. And it has gone after me before when i was cleaning the tank It even almost took the cat down when she put her paw in the tank. lol The cats still wont go on top of the tank to this day.

The cats are scared of your fish, thats awesome, lol

I need to see a pic of your aquaium.