Wetsand the Sables headlights

Well I told my mother that I would wet sand and clean up the yellowish that was happening on her beater car(frankly a very nice car in my opinion 96 Sable loaded).

With this the headlights look like this:



Depending on the situation is what you start with on sand paper

-1000 grit would be very bad(super yellow…at this point might be no return)
-1500 grit is what I started with (medium oxidation and yellowish)
-2000 grit barley anything bad with just a little haze that needs to be cleaned up

  1. Start with the heaviest grit(Example for me was 1500). With this go in a horizontal motion. Always go in one way and never in circles. With this it keeps it a nice pattern. Do this ontill you get a even pattern across the headlight.(Also since your using wetsand paper remember to keep it always wet and same as the surface of the headlight)

2)The headlight will be a little cloudy. Make sure its dry and everything is looking even as far as sanding went. Now get out the 2000 grit wetsand paper out. Make sure you get it wet as previous and now wet the surface. Go the opposite direction that you went before making it even as previously stated. Do this ontill even. You will actually see it kind of clear up now since the yellow is getting off. Now wipe it dry once done and it should be a clear foggy headlight.

  1. I get out my plasticx out and get a fair amount on the headlight and rub it in. Let it sit there for a couple of min’s so it has a chance to work it in the headlight. Take your towel and rub it off and it should look like this:


If you want a full write up I can do one. I kind of briefed this. Ive heard some people not having success and some having great. Again I don’t take any responsibility for when you do this. Let me know what you think