Well that explains it... (brake issues)

So I only had enough time to bleed my rear brakes last time. I finally decided tonight was the night to do a crapload of maintenance on the 944. So I went at it. I bled the entire system and the clutch. Only to find out the brakes hadn’t been bled in a LONG time and I don’t even know if the clutch was ever bled at all. I’ll show ya why…

You’re not crazy… that fluid is BLACK.


Better… but still nasty. Making progress…








Wait don’t drink it, that’s brake fluid!


that’s what the fluid in my z looked like

That’s normal for brake fluid to change like that. Its hygroscopic(how ever you spell it) were it absorb water over time. With this it becomes darker as it ages. Thank goodness fluid can’t be compressed but it can reduce the boil point on making it boil faster which causes brake failure at a earlier temperature. Glad to see you got around doing this…she should feel better on harder braking and over all performance. Anything else get done??

going to clean and redo the connections on the MAF today.

what fluid did you put in it? dot3?

mix of dot3/dot4

Did you get a chance to clean the maf and try out the brakes yet?

had to pick up my lady from the airport. will today. brakes work great.

I read and researched and dot3 seems to be the best since it doesn’t drop in boiling point as drastically when wet. I ended up getting a dot 3/4 fluid that is technically dot3 but meets requrements for dot4

That looked like some fun right there. Haven’t seen it like that before though.