Well, Katie is driving the ZX2 now...

She got a new job and the mustang gets about 2mpg now, it needs to have the carbs rebuilt and runs like crap so she’s driving the 42mpg ZX2 and i’m riding the ninja to work.

It USED to be that I couldn’t get her to budge on riding it to work because she’s afraid of riding on the highway but we go to the pancake house now in bend EVERY weekend off the highway and now that she’s done it she’s more understanding.

SO no complaints here! I’m riding the Ninja to work, katie is loving the zx2 and treating it nice and she’s learning to drive a stick all over again (she used to drive one and missed driving it, and now that the zx2 is modified she said it’s a ferrari compared to her last car… a geo, HAHA!, though the zx2 is FAR FROM a ferrai).

Either way! Great day!

PS here’s the happy helmet at my desk :slight_smile:


WE’ll at least she driving her carefully. One day she will start driving the bike to work. Then you two could go on a nice long rides together. ( birds singing)

Glad that she’s treating the z well :slight_smile: What are you guys gonna do when winter hits?


She is saving up to buy a car by winter, worst case scenario if she can’t afford to finance one i have enough money to buy one in outright cash, though that money is only for emergencies i’d rather have her driving something in the winter that is safe than the mustang because its either that or we carpool (if we can) because there’s only one safe car for the winter right now.

Good idea we wouldnt want to see her get hurt

I agree with roush. I figured you guys probably had a plan, but you know:) What is she thinking about getting? Anything in particular that she is thinking about purchasing?


probably an early 90s honda accord