Well its about time!

Hey guys… Over winter Iwill be boosting my black ZX2 :stuck_out_tongue: Check back here soon for an official post with pics :stuck_out_tongue:

OHhhhhhhhhh are not we so special :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: I want pictures butthead!

How much psi you going for? What type of Turbo?

Its going to be around 20 or more. I am shooting for over 300HP. So stick around :stuck_out_tongue:

you could pick up a small 16g or 14b off an eclispe ( thats the stock on first and second gens) for cheap cuz most dsm guys go for a large 16g or 18g or 60trim the 14b spools 16lbs of boost by 3500rpm and the 16g does it by 3600

20 lbs of boost, u r a mad man!!!

I know :twisted:

Well don’t leave us hanging totally…what other prep is going into it? Rods, pistons and all those other fragmentable parts in there…

  • Darron

sorry about my last post i didnt read how many psi you want … the turbos i listed are only efficient around 18lbs with a 20% saftey of 22lbs… you want a big 16g a 20g would be your best bet tho just remember when buying a turbo just because it says it can hit 20 psi make sure thats the efficeint range and not the saftey range ( or overspool range)

Well here is the plan…

Built Engine
ZXTunner Tranny
Also rear disc brake kit

I will post some more details soon. That should hold you over for a bit! :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay…hold over time is up…what else? :wink: lol

  • Darron

holy shit! a 300hp ESCORT!!!

It will probably be around 325HP when all is said and done. Still alot more detaisl to figure out. Just waiting on people to get back to me about prices yet. It will be the scort of sccorts :stuck_out_tongue: Boosted ones that is!

i wouldnt use anything off a dsm ,i have one a 90 talon tsi that used a M6 turbo to make 525hp@ 537 lbs-tq till i pushed 25psi one day and heard the famous dsm death rattle aka chunks of block and rods bouncing under the car, i just bought my turbo system from http://www.focus-power.com price was a little over 5k just cant install anything during the winter

SWEET! You have any pics of your car? Even though you dont have your turbo installed?

dsm’s are good reliable cars if you treat them as such… i worked on them for atleast 6 months ( that doesnt seem like alot but when your doing the same car over and over it is …)

i’ll get some pics up as soon as i can all i can say for now is thats a 2003zx2 i think its bright island blue so far all i have bolted on the car as of now is a pacesetter exhaust

ive owned three DSM’S all 3 were total crap even the stock 94 eclipse gsx, i have gone through more performance cars than any human should, 1989 celica all-trac,3dsm’s,93 mustang with a 351w,and an 86 civic dx with an h22A stuffed into it, so far only the zx2 and supra have been the most reliable cars ive ever owned

Not saying much… lol.

im sorry i obviously just dont know as much as the guy that owned the supra you must have far more knowledge then me for that. i forgot that dsms were junk using motor technology thats almost 20 years old and still in use today ( the Evo still uses the exact same motor) and all dsms are junk that includes the talon lazer eclipse and lets not forget about the conquest/starion 3000gt tt/ stealth tt and mirage vr4’s i guess they are crap too because they are a dsm. and my knowledge only consists of putting a v6 into a zx2 , making a 98 neon acr run two 14’s ( 14 sec at 14lbs of boost) running a 105 mph trap speed with a 13.5 second run in a conquest and putting a sr20det into a 240sx by myself … but i dont know a damn thing about cars or anything so i guess i should quit posting now huh?