Weight on stock wheels?

Curious… Does anyone have the weight for stock wheels as to how much one wheel weighs?

14 pounds I think… I could be wrong though. Hmm… I think they are more. I’m probably wrong. LoL

I’m guessing more than 15lbs as the aftermarket 5 spoke aluminum wheels i was quoted yesterday were 15lbs and felt way lighter than my stockies. So if anyone has an /exact/ measurement please let me know.

Im gonna guess around 18-19lbs…could be wrong though.

I weighted some of my wheels at home. Four daisy’s were 18.0 to 18.25 lbs. each. Four '95 EGT were 17.5 to 17.75 lbs each. No valve stems or balance weights on any of them. I have some swirlies, but have not weighted any without tires. All of these wheels are 15x5.5.

I’m planing on getting some new rims and tires soon. I’ll weigh my 03 stock ones then. Err wait, do I have to get the tire off to get a proper reading?

Of course, tyres typically weigh between 18-24-lbs.

Thought so.

Hmm i wonder just how much weight i’d be saving exactly. Sounds like inbetween 3-5lbs per wheel…

yes and its rotational.