Weight modifications

Free Horsepower Through Weight Reduction

This is an easy way to remove about 200 lbs from your zx2 this translates into shaving 2/10ths or more of a second from your quarter mile time. Serious off road racers have the option of removing there air bags and module, replacing there factory steering wheel with a lighter aftermarket one. But for you street guys heres a list of weight reducing mods.

A/C removal = 40lbs

Spare tire, jack, false trunk floor = 32lbs

Lightweight rims (ALT 210) = 12lbs

Replace stock battery with a Genesis = 20lbs

Remove those heavy floor mats = 6lbs

UDP = 4lbs

Carbon Fiber hood = 23lbs

Remove cat & manifold and replace with 4-2-1 header = 10lbs

Remove rear seat, replace front seats with lightweight racing seats = 30lbs

Aluminum flywheel = 11lbs

Urethene gas tank = haven’t weight it yet

Jayco manual steering rack = 30lbs

Still working on this list…

Have you thought of creating a Carbon Fiber trunk Lid?

thats a concept but why stop at that the doors could be done too…

thats a concept but why stop at that the doors could be done too...

…as long as safety isn’t compromised.

A gallon of gas weighs 6-8 pounds depending on temperature… Colder the heavier.

Speaking of weight savings and removing the spare/false floor… Do you guys do fiberglass work? CF would work too, but I’m sure that’d be more expensive…PM me if you do.

  • Darron

what do you need done…

Jayco, if you could get a CF trunk lid, that would be the poop. I’d get one in a heartbeat.

I also would buy a cf trunk a heartbeat…along with cf doors if made.

CF trunk giggty… :smiley: CF doors giggity giggty :smiley: If those were made along with CF fenders I d blow my wad and my credit card.

I think that would look dumb IMO. CF is good, but you can have too much.

Trunk and hood man, that’s the most. That and interior of course.

Well you could always paint it. I just thought, that too much weight off the BACK end of our cars could affect traction.

It might make it a li’l squirelly in wet/snow conditions, but probably no more than it already is. I know I drifted Miranda’s car around an off ramp last Christmas due to lost traction out back in snowy conditions (wet road no accumulations on the off ramp/highway). I wasn’t even pushing it…I was behind a Taurus who was going just as fast as I was. lol

  • Darron

I probably would paint the CF fenders if they were made I was just saying that since this was the weight savings section that it would be a good idea. Too much CF… very possible. But there has to be CF available for our cars before haing too much can become a problem.

LoL This is very true.

Painting it would be cool though. I wonder how much the stock fenders weight… Also, instead of expensive CF, you could use fiberglass (especially if you were going to paint it, since you wouldn’t be able to see it anyways).

The stock fenders dont weight much i dont think…probably would be to much money and not enough weight lost. BUT the trunk would probably help out a lot…

I’ve taken out the “sun visor” from the passenger side, one of the three bolts that holds down the intake box, and the rubber shift boot.

Why? That couldnt possibly be worth the weight savings.

You can paint CF and have the CF “look” come through. Ive seen people paint them in red, and blue. There are probably more colors out there too.

Well, Mazda did the “gram by gram” technique when designing the Miata, and eventually all those grams added up to something significant. I also didn’t bother to put the windshield washer fluid resevoir back after I did the knock sensor removal… so there’s another bit of weight.

It depends on if you use a candy coat. If you do that, the CF will show through, but you can use a full on paint, and I’m pretty sure it’ll cover it up.