Water power finally

I thought that this was pretty cool and is a look towards the future.



That’s amazing. Though that clip looks a little old. Wonder how soon that could be in the market.

Cool!! It would be cool if that could be on the market soon.


My buddy who works for NASA asked me if this where true. He also asked if I ever looked up the guy’s name.

Well I did and this is where it eventually lead me Aquygen

Turns out it was fuel additive, not a fuel.

It will be nice when that technology comes about.

It’s already here, click that link in previous post.

I did, and I mean when it becomes completely mainstream. Lets face it, as long as there is money to be made with petrol, this kinda technology will be somewhat of a novlity.

Well you could use this technology with gas OR you could purchase a truck and run it off of cooking oil.

wow…it seems as a very good soluction to the gas high prices…

I read the link (not the first for the video) and it’s BOTH a fuel AND an additive. It can be used as an additive or a total source.

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