Watch out with the Silverstar Ultras!

I’ve been running Silverstar headlights and fog lamps and turn signals for some time now and they’ve been excellent. I was at the store the other day and saw the new Silverstar Ultras and bought them since I’d liked the regular ones so well. After two days my headlight covers are not clear anymore but solid milky white. I think the heat from the bulbs actually did it but I’m not sure. I got some CRC electronic cleaner spray on them as well.

Thanks for the warning Domino!

We will look out for this product.

so they kinda melted that plastic covering thingy? :cry:

They discolored it actually. It is solid white now - just on the inside. Weird.

I sprayed in some cleaner and it didn’t seem to do anything to it. If they weren’t sealed up i’d pop it open and wipe it down and see if that didn’t fix anything.

Of course if you were to pop them open, you could take out the plastic reflector and, depending on the car’s color, paint the divider section black before you glue it back together. I’ve been running the Silverstar’s for a number of years now, and I’m always having issues seeing at night, especially if it’s raining. A phenomenon I’ve only noticed in my car…anyone else?

  • Darron

When I had the Silverstars I never noticed that… However, I have terrible night vision anyway.

The paint in the glass bulb most likely melted making a milky layer on the headlights, that sucks. I would either stick with stock or go hid .