Warping rotors...

I have only put like 3K miles on my car(113K 99 auto). I managed to warp the rotors slightly within that time. I put new pads, lathed the rotors less than 75 miles ago… The brakes have a slight pulse to them again. The rotors are within spec an everything. Would new ones do the same? Do slotted ones warp just as easy?

slotted rotors are a good upgrade but for a little more why not go with cross drilled and slotted. slotted alone will allow brake dust build up, and over time will warp.

How does it allow brake dust build up? I could have sworn that slotted were used to clean any debris off the pad and insure that the pad sat flat on the disc.

I recently replaced my rotors because of vibration. It had a spot of each side of the rotor that was about the size of a quarter. I replaced the pads and had the rotors turned. About 1K miles later, the problem came back! Turned out that the rotors had somehow became unbalanced and a slight wobble to them caused those spots. I then replaced the rotors and it never came back.

slotted rotors are suppose to cool them off. i have read dependin on the shape of the slot the sometime become filled with dust. don’t go CHEAP when you replace.

Checked out Wikipedia

Source Link: Disc Brake