I put the title of this in all caps, as I want you all to be aware. One of my g/f’s had a Telemarketer call her up, offering her some bogus reward thing. Unfortunately she is not on the DNCR. The person calling her, offered her the rewards, then demanded that he was going to debit her checking account the cost of the memebership fee for his program. she of course told him no. This guy then began reciting her account numbers back to her over the phone, and insisting that he was gong to charge her. After her phone converstaion, she immediately went to the bank, and put a hold on all unathorized charges. (smart girl she is!!!)

If this company calls you, Star Communications DBA: Consumer Reward Network, DO NOT ACCEPT any offers from them. This is a scam, there is plenty of information on the Better Business Bureaus webpage regarding them. I know this is the same company as three of the phone numbers given to my friend, match the ones listed on the BBB page.

Please check them out, if you ahve a concern about something like this, then go to you local bank and notify them. I dont want to see anyone here have to go through this. The worst part is, my friend doesnt have a computer so there is no way her info could have gotten to them over the internet.

[url=http://www.labbb.org/BBBWeb/Forms/Business/CompanyReportExtensionPage.aspx?CompanyID=100008595&sm=#BBBCommentsAnalysis]http://www.labbb.org/BBBWeb/Forms/Busin ... tsAnalysis[/url]

Because I feel this info is important and useful…I turned it into an announcement rather than standard thread.

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Thanks Darron!

Good info thanks!

thanks for the tip! damn telemarketers

yeah, not to mention they seem to be targeting individual states.

went to the bank with my friend today, and they told us that she wasnt the only one in our area that Has been contacted by these people. So, keep an eye on your bank accounts!!!

you know the Ironic thing about this is…

My Debit card was stolen the other day and used over the weekend…

What sucks is that they call my house all the time… it shows up on caller id… but what i usually do is fuck with em… i ask what color underwear they are wearing… or how big their dick is… i throw em off… its really funny because they wanna answer me but they cant… or i just talk like a mental patient… then THEY hang up

what a smart girl i am… :slight_smile:

They called the place I work at the other day, and I got into an argument with the guy over the phone about them having 2 federal court cases pending in like south dakota and south carolina ( i dont remember the exact places). I ended up hanging up on him becuase he just didnt get it that his company had already been investigated by myself and that I was not going to fall for it.