*WARNING* about fuel additives!

Ok stay away from the NX, or ZEX nitrous Fuel additives, they have Power boost etc etc written all over them “contains methane, cleans, boosts octane and performance” Stay away, I baught a bottle of the NX stuff just for the hell of of it, and did notice a difference in smoothness in the engine, but I pulled the plugs after the tank was through, and they were coated in a very very thick brown ash, so too was the top of the pistons and the rest of the combustion chamber, I know the ash and crap wasnt there before because I had a peek at the plugs before it started burning that crap just for shits and giggles to see if they looked any different afterwards, so let your conscience be your guide

If it isn’t made for the octane or the additive, don’t run it, simple as that.