want to have a meet

hey everyone i live in pa right by the pa and wv line and i wanted to have a zx2 meet if anyone wants to let me now and we can set it up

Lot of people over your way - you might also see if some of the old times here and on teamz would be interested - more people, more zx2s :slight_smile:

I wish more people were here on the west coast!

yeah dude I would depending on when you have it. I live on the Ohio, Pa, and Wv lines.

were can i get at them at. i was thinking about haveing at one of the flashlight drags

is that team zx2 if so i dont like them guys i would ask them someinthing and they would get smart with me and ack like i was a dumb ass.

i would love to role up with 7 or 8 zx2 and kill some hondas :lol:

sadly my Z is still on the operating table.